What is it?

ENSAppraiser is fully-automated Ethereum Name Service appraisal generator. It can generate new appraisals in about 45 seconds at 1/300th the cost of other services with the same accuracy (if not better).

Because it is entirely driven by a computer, it has less bias than a human appraiser. It can also appraise thousands of ENS names per hour without ever taking a break. This leads to the most up to date valuations in the industry (currently updated as often every two days).


How does it work?

By combining multiple machine-learning algorithms, this system:

  1. Pulls in data from dozens of sources
  2. Extracts 100s of "features" (traits, like isPalindrome)
  3. Assigns weights to each feature
  4. Calculates an overall relative desirability score
  5. Scales this score across the latest market sales by name similarity
  6. Predicts an appraisal valuation for the name

TODO: Insert diagram :)

For each appraisal, between 500K and 2M comparison operations are performed: compare that to the few dozen that a human appraiser might perform (if you're lucky). This has led to some incredibly fascinating insights (shared on Twitter).

The appraisal comes with a ton of data for you to verify the appraisal value. Among other traits, it includes a sampled list of interesting comparables (similar names) to see that the appraisal value is within ballpark of existing sales.

Queued Requests

How do I use it?

Search for names from the home page. If this name has never been appraised before OR the appraisal is older than 2 days, it will be queued for processing.

The processing step takes at least 45 seconds, however, your request will be queued with others'. On a busy day, it can take 10 minutes or longer to fulfill the request.

Wait & refresh the page. If the request has been processed, the page will be updated with extensive appraisal data.

Anonymous accounts can view up to 3 free appraisals per day. If you Sign In with Ethereum, you'll automatically be assigned a "Paper Hands" plan with 10 free appraisals per day. Paid accounts have significantly larger appraisal limits and other perks.